Brain Tumor Survival Marathon

Brain Tumor Survival Marathon
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Together, we've covered 21 km

Wist je dat een hersentumor ongeneeslijk is, dat de gemiddelde levensverwachting slechts onder de 5 jaar ligt en het de meest voorkomende vorm van kanker onder kinderen is?

Wij wisten dit niet, totdat we er zelf afgelopen april keihard mee in aanraking kwamen. Er is amper geld wat naar onderzoek van hersentumoren gaat waardoor men nog steeds niet weet waar het vandaan komt en hoe het precies behandeld moet worden. Daarom is er dringend meer geld nodig voor onderzoek. 

Om geld op te halen voor onderzoek naar deze afschuwelijke ziekte lopen wij de marathon van Rotterdam. Het Brain Tumor Survival Marathon Team bestaat uit meer dan 100 familieleden, vrienden en bekenden die de hele marathon, de halve of de 10 km lopen. 


Door ons te sponsoren via deze pagina en om ons te komen aanmoedigen op zondag 5 april tijdens de marathon!

Ontzettend bedankt,

Het Brain Tumor Survival Marathon team



  • Brain tumors are incurable.
  • The survival rate is around 1%.
  • 75% of people who are diagnosed with a brain tumor die in less than 5 years.
  • And for children, it's the deadliest type of cancer.
  • There are 120 types of brain tumors and their causes are still unknown.

Strong facts, right? Did you know that besides being one of the deadliest types of cancer, brain tumors still receive a very limited amount of funds when it comes to research?

Because of all of this, we have partnered with the Erasmus Foundation to raise awareness and funds for Brain Tumors, so every euro from your donations will reach them directly. Erasmus MC is the largest hospital and one of the most authoritative scientific University Medical Centers in Europe. The aim of their foundation is to search for the cure of one of the deadliest diseases and find its causes as well, preventive measures could be tasks in the future to avoid them.


We are a team of family, friends, colleagues and more, running the full Marathon, half Marathon or 10k, depending on our physical conditions. Our aim is to raise money for research for Brain Tumors before October 25th, the day when the 2020 NN Marathon Rotterdam will take place.


You can help us by sharing this innovation with your family and friends to raise awareness and money, you can join the runners team and / or donate funds to the cause! Every little help counts, and we are very grateful for anything you can support us with whether that's time, awareness, funding or anything else you can come up with!

Thanks a lot,

The Brain Tumor Survival Marathon team



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