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Jelle van Tilburg
from €50.000 (64%)

In the early morning of February 20th Jelle van Tilburg passed away. He was only 35 years old. 

A little over one year ago Jelle learned he had a brain tumor. During his awake brain surgery he played the Pink Floyd classic 'Wish you were here' on his guitar. This breath-taking video was seen by many over the world. 

"For me, as a musician and instrument builder, it was important that my fine motor skills and creativity remain intact. And I wanted the surgery and guitar playing to be filmed. So that the outside world can see that this is possible. Ideally, I want millions of people to see this movie and support research on brain tumors."

It was Jelles wish that we'd all join hands and continue his quest for awareness and financial support for brain cancer research. Your donation is much appreciated. 

Wish to learn more about this project and how to support brain cancer research, please contact our office ( of +31 10 70 34 802).

Jelles operation was performed by neurosurgeon dr Arnaud Vincent and his team at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Dr Vincent: "Brain cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat and occurs relatively often in young people." Dr Vincent aims to develop a very promising new imaging technique (Functional Ultrasound) to better visualize brain functions during brain surgery. And to better distinguish the tumor tissue from normal brain tissue. Dr Vincent: "This could be an enormous step forward for the prognosis of patients with brain cancer, but also for the quality of life of brain tumor patients such as Jelle.”

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